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We at Jawed Habib believe in providing a holistic makeover experience. So from styling to colouring, beauty to grooming, we have you covered! A full-service salon with the finest trained stylists and professional colourists, practising Jawed Habib crafted cuts, colour techniques and products to create and evolve the effortlessly sophisticated you!

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Nail Art Courses

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Certificate in Acrylic Extensions with Nail Art

This course gives you complete knowledge of Nails in terms of structure, manicure, pedicure. The course focuses on Acrylic and gel extensions. You also learn different styles of design and style techniques.

Duration: 2 weeks

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Certificate in 3D Nail Art

3D Nail Art is the hottest trend amongst all Nail art enthusiasts. You will learn Nail types, shapes and structure. You will learn different art styles and application processes.

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Diploma in Nail Technician Course

Nail technician as the name suggest is a complete all rounder when it comes to nails. This course covers everything you need to know, learn and become a great Nail Artist. You will also learn basics of salon management anc client consultation which makes you ready to persue a career or start your know entrepreneurial journey.

Duration: 5 weeks

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Certificate for Beginners Nail Art

This is a beginners course for someone looking to start their career in nail art and design. You will learn nail structure, how to apply paint aplication. You will also learn16 types of nail art design and frencg style of nail painting. If you plan to to enter the domain of Nail art, this is where you can begin your journey.

Duration: 1 weeks

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Certificate in Beauty Crash Course

You gain basic knowledge and understanding of the skin, and how it functions to combat the most common skincare concerns. Knowledge of the different types of hair removal techniques, hand & feet care, skincare, and makeup application with various hygiene practices is part of your foundation. You delivered during the training. This course will help you kickstart your career as a beauty therapist. Along with skincare & basic makeup knowledge with a few modalities. This course will boost your performance & recommend your abilities to suggest suitable treatments for individual clients.

Duration: 10 weeks